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Atlantic Orthopedics

Your Joint Pain Just Met Its Match!


Is back or neck pain preventing you from leading an active lifestyle? Symptoms such as pain radiating below the knee or elbow or numbness in a leg or arm, may be a sign of a disc related problem. The good news is most disc related symptoms improve with conservative treatment.

The Atlantic Orthopedics Spine Care Center is the first spine program in North Carolina or South Carolina to publish a Clinical Outcome Report Card that reveals patient satisfaction, improvement in function and what percent of patients ultimately have spine surgery.

Last year, our spine team helped 87% of patients back to activity WITHOUT SURGERY. That’s really good news for those with back and neck pain. Our Clinical Outcome Report Card can be viewed online in our official web.

The fact is, many times disc symptoms can be relieved with non-surgical treatment options — if you have non-surgical specialists and clinical protocols that emphasize them. Atlantic Orthopedics Spine Care center is a fully integrated spine care program that combines the- expertise of a fellowship trained physical medicine MD, three fellowship-trained orthopedics spine care surgeons, spine therapists, an accredited MRI Imaging Center supported by fellowship trained musculoskeletal radiologists all under one roof so you don't have to drive around town any more to multiple offices. Now isn’t that a relief!

To get started, call for an appointment or request an appointment online through our new secure patient portal. No referral necessary, Get it straight from the experts.

Care Centers for:

  • Spine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Joint Replacement
  • Extremity
  • Trauma

Whether it's Foot & Ankle Pain; Hip & Knee Pain or Back & Neck Pain... Our team of fellowship-trained specialists are a match for your specific problem.

Its joint pain preventing you from playing golf, tennis or even simply walking? New treatment options for joint pain arc available to get you moving again this Spring.

The board certified specialists at Atlantic Orthopedics are all fellowship trained in either hip and knee replacement, foot and ankle, hand and upper extremity, sports medicine, spine or trauma. This is the highest level of orthopedic medical training possible in the U.S. So ask yourself... is your orthopedic surgeon fellowship-trained?

Docs your orthopedic specialist offer physical therapists on-site to closely follow you during the recovery phase, do they offer an on-site accredited MRI Imaging Center, work exclusively with fellowship trained radiologists to ensure quality MRI reports, provide on-site nun surgical treatment and support through a fellowship-trained interventional pain medicine specialist and program? Atlantic Orthopedics regional referral center in Wilmington offers patient's all of this and more in one center of excellence.

Our team of specialists have all of the expertise and resources to get your life moving again.

Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic & Specialists:

  • Kevin S. Scully, MD
  • Walter W. Frueh. MD
  • Jon K. Miller, MD
  • Shawn B. Hocker, MD
  • R. Mark Rodger, MD
  • Ryan M. Putnam, MD
  • Richard S. Bahner, MD
  • D. Todd Id Rose. MD
  • Robert B. Boswell, MD
  • Neil R. Maclntyre, MD
  • Francis S. Pecoraro. MD
  • Murray K. Seidel, MD


  • Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
3787 Shipyard Boulevard
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