Watauga County Arts Council In Boone, NC

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In 1981, a core group of Watauga County residents who love the arts and wanted to protect Appalachian culture and crafts gathered together and formed the Watauga Arts Council. Their goal was to create activities and events that shared their love with the community, that educate children, that continue the tradition of artistry and craftsmanship in the High Country, and that provide artists with the assistance they need to grow and develop their voice.


In the years since, the Watauga Arts Council has grown from this seed of committed individuals to an organization that includes many of the community’s citizens as its supporters, benefactors and celebrators. The WAC counts its largest success as having remained a nonprofit agency that succeeds in its mission through the generous gifts, grants and donations of local individuals, business entities, and collectively through the city and county governments. The organization also enjoys the support and largess of state artistic organizations’ contributions.

As we look ahead to the future, we develop their dreams and mission to help art thrive in their community, and to help their community thrive through the arts. If you would like to contribute to their effort with ideas, time, resources or financial support, please contact them. They would love for you to join their family.

Their mission is to sponsor and encourage the cultural arts in Watauga County, with an emphasis on arts in education and the traditional arts.

The WCAC was founded in 1981 and, since the late ‘80’s, has made its home in the Jones House Community Center in the heart of downtown Boone. Their mission is stated above, however, they often use the slogan “Making the Arts a Presence in their Community” to keep us focused toward that common goal. They are a diverse and growing organization which is heavily involved in economic development and cultural tourism planning in their community as well as in presenting diverse programming throughout Watauga County. They are strong believers in the concept that, in helping the ARTS to thrive in Watauga County, they are also helping Watauga county to thrive.

604 West King Street (Downtown Boone) PO Box 366 DTS
North Carolina (NC)
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