Healthy supermarket Earth Fare, Boone, NC

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Earth Fare’s roots go back to 1975 when Roger Derrough set up shop as “Dinner for the Earth,” the first natural food store in Asheville, North Carolina. For five years the store operated out of a tiny store front before relocating to downtown Asheville in a much larger space on Broadway Avenue and I-240.Earth Fare, the leading natural & organic market, empowering people to make healthier choices for themselves, their communities and generations to come.


Organic isn’t just about eliminating synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers from the production process—it’s about how we raise our foods. Organic refers to a system of agriculture that keeps the soil healthy and alive.

Healthy, living soil produces food crops and animal products that are full of robust flavor and nutrients. Earth Fare supports farmers and manufacturers who believe in not using genetically modified organisms for their products. A sustainable process can be repeated over and over without harm to the environment or anyone involved. It’s about balance and equity in the resource bank account. Earth Fare is committed to its leadership role in protecting the environment for future generations.


145 Cane Creek Industrial Park Drive, Suite 150
North Carolina (NC)
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