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The definition of a folk artist is somebody who is self taught, no art schooling, nor college, just somebody figuring it out and making their art. There are many in the world, and she believes if one makes what they love then they will be successful. It doesn't take an education, it doesn't take a lot of money, it just takes you, and you making it happen. She began his journey into art when her friends and family taught her how to make quilts...the patterns intrigued him, she loved the geometric designs and the peacefulness quilting brought to her. She had never sewn before, she was 35. She came across a 'how to' article in a craft magazine about game boards. She was intrigued immediately for the designs were like small quilts. She had never painted, other than walls, and didn't know a thing about woodwork, but thought she would give it a go. So she gathered the things that she needed. And that was the beginning.


13 years later he is married with another wonderful son, living in paradise. She truly has a wonderful life and if she were to choose her life, have had a plan or a wish, and that plan or wish were fulfilled; it'd be exactly where she is today. Funny how that happens...

640 Stadium Dr
North Carolina (NC)
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