Painting At Transporter Werks In Raleigh, NC

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Transporter Werks was founded by Sean Fraser in 1994 and incorporated under Fraserwerks Inc. in 2000. To learn more about the Transporter Werks employees click here and check out their TW Crew page. They've been located in downtown Raleigh since 1994, just around the corner from the Downtown Raleigh train station, in an up and coming area near Boylan Heights. Click here for directions to their shop, and feel free to stop by if you are in the neighborhood. Their hours are Monday through Friday 10am - 7pm.


They like their customers to be well informed in order to allow them to make the best decisions about their vehicles. From their customer call in phone service to their extensive authenticity research, they try their best to answer every question and help their customers feel confident about the safety, performance and authenticity of their vehicles.Transporter Werks In Raleigh, NC

For their big enthusiasts, they recommend checking out websites like The Samba to get an idea of what vehicles are out there. To check out The Samba and other informative links, click here for their links page.

they hope their website helps us reach more customers looking for quality repair work and parts. To get help from them, or give them feedback please click here to visit their Contact page. They can respond via email or phone call.

They are a specialty shop for air-cooled vintage Volkswagens® and Porsches®. They also service all Vanagons and high performance vehicles.

They have over 15 years experience in caring for air-cooled vehicles, they specialize in full restorations and can service your Vanagon needs. Their shop is staffed by lifelong enthusiasts who have become excellent mechanics, and are well connected with people, parts and services.

Most of their new customers come from referrals. With word of mouth being their best advertising tool, they pride theirselves on their customer service. They are NOT THE DEALER!

Maintenance is crucial to a vintage vehicle. From the planned oil changes, to the unexpected leaky gas tanks, their 15 years experience in factory and stock maintenance has prepared them to keep your vehicle safe and well tuned. Take a look at what they offer you and compare it to other shops.

Their Services:

They are a growing business and strive to provide professional service with integrity. They perform every job with quality and honesty. They like their customers to be well informed and encourage them to ask questions. Because your safety is their number one priority, they provide a comprehensive overview of your vehicle the first time it comes in their shop to alert you of problems you may not be aware exist. Then they can give you an a written estimate (to see their Estimate Policy click here) and advise you which issues need to be addressed immediately, and what jobs can wait. They also offer a free call in question service to their customers, whether you were in yesterday or 6 weeks ago.

Their Experience:Transporter Werks In Raleigh, NC

they have over 15 years experience in factory and stock maintenance and restoration of air cooled Volkswagen® vehicles. From repairing wiring to rebuilding engines to floor pan restoration, if they haven't done it before they are interested in finding a solution to your problem.

Their Parts:

They try to find the best quality parts available on the market. If they wouldn't put it on their own vehicles they won't put it on yours. Because of their extensive experience in using after market parts they know when the most expensive part available is the best choice and when it is a waste of money. Sometimes used parts are better quality than aftermarket reproductions. There are more than 30 Volkswagen® and Porsche® vehicles on their lot that they get used parts from and they know when used is better than new.

518 S West St
North Carolina (NC)
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