NC Association of County Comms, Raleigh, NC

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Founded in 1908, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners is one of the most successful and active statewide local government associations in the nation. The NCACC was established for the betterment of county government in North Carolina.


North Carolina’s 100 counties are vibrant and essential partners with state government in providing services to the state’s more than eight million citizens.

As the form of government closest to the people, counties offer a unique perspective that makes them critical players in decisions affecting their citizens. The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners serves as the counties’ advocate before the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government.

Boards of commissioners in every county are eligible for membership in the Association. Collectively through the Association, they strive to preserve and protect the authority and ability of county governments to deliver the services for which they are responsible.

The Association employs a professional staff to run the day-to-day operations and to provide expertise in the areas of lobbying, fiscal and legal research, communications, intergovernmental relations, information technology, field visits and risk management services.

215 N. Dawson St.
North Carolina (NC)
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919) 719-1101
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