Magellan Charter School In Raleigh, NC

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Welcome to The Magellan Charter School. Magellan was founded on the premise that learning is a dynamic process that is on-going, interactive, and fun. They wanted this place called "school" to be filled with a flurry of purposeful activity and challenging thought, a place where students are enlivened by a desire to learn, and where exceptional teachers bring content to life, skillfully showing how what students learn has meaning and application in the real world. They also envisioned a place where parents were a welcomed and integral part of school life and where an enthusiasm for knowledge would infect them all.


Through the tireless efforts of many, The Magellan Charter School has become just such a place. There's an old saying that goes, "If you find a turtle sitting on a fence post, you can guarantee he didn't get there by himself." Magellan is a joint venture. It's the school that "They" built; students, staff, parents, and the community. All of us at Magellan invite you to take an informational tour through their web site and discover what their school is all about. Welcome!

9324 Baileywick Rd
North Carolina (NC)
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