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Europe's Oldest Existing Manufacturer:


BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works) and has history that dates back to 1916. BMW was the purveyor of world-record altitude aircraft engines and is the basis for the white and blue “spinning propeller” that is the BMW Roundel.

BMW’s first motorcycle, the R32, introduced in 1923, immediately established BMW as a maker of high quality, innovative and practical motorcycles. With a twin-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine and shaft drive, the R32 set the standard for the BMW motorcycles that exist today.

Comfort & Convenience:

Active Safety Systems - All safety systems tend to fall into one of two categories: active or passive. Active systems do their best to protect you from having an accident. Such things as handling, acceleration and braking are particularly important in motorcycle design due to the vulnerability of the rider.Capitol BMW Motor Sports In Raleigh, NC BMW has long been an advocate of active safety, having intoduced a wide range of measures designed to keep the rider safe and accident-free while on the road. Passive systems, such as helmets and riding gear, protect you if an accident occurs. BMW also has a long standing tradition of offering top quality products for this purpose.

Luggage - High utility has long been a hall-mark of BMW motorcycles and the company has a tradition of providing high quality, secure luggage specifically designed for each of its motorcycles. Today, that includes everything form adjustable saddlebags and removable topcases to permanently affixed luggage. As mentioned earlier, all BMW luggage systems are aerodynamically designed to have minimal effect on the bike's handling.

Key Lock - all BMW lockable accessories, either standard or optional equipment, can be keyed to the bike's ignition key to simplify locking and unlocking. Moreover, the luggage keys on detachable bags can only be removed form the locked position, minimizing the chance of loss.

Anti-Theft Warning - the anti-theft warning system provides audible and visual warnigns. Some models also offer remote control, with optional circuitry to cut the fuel supply even if the engine is running.

12-Volt Accessory Outlets - Most BMW motorcycles include a convenient, 12-volt outlet designed to accept a variety of accessories, form heated gear to halogen spotlights. The outlet is always protected from the elements by a spring-loaded cover.

Motorcycle Service:Capitol BMW Motor Sports In Raleigh, NC

Once you’ve purchased your motorcycle, there’s no better place to come for service than Capitol BMW.

They have some of the best BMW & TRIUMPH certified motorcycle specialists in the state, and their newly remodeled store has the best diagnostics and testing equipment available.

Next time you’re in the area, just ask and they’ll be happy to introduce you to their specialists and give you a tour of their facilities.

To schedule all other maintenance services please call Jon Ross at 919-582-0269.

Get that needed service before heading out on your next big trip. Call Jon and setup the appointment today.

Service Hours:

  • 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Tuesday - Friday
  • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Saturday


4209 Atlantic Avenue
North Carolina (NC)
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