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"Bruce Lader tutored my 14-year-old son, Rishi, from February to May. My child's self-confidence has increased. This year, on the EOG testing, my son scored in the 99 percentile in Reading, a significant improvement from his percentile score last year." ---Mrs. Sen


"Bruce Lader has tutored their fifth grade son, Michael, for the past several months. During this time they have seen a tremendous increase in his reading and writing abilities. His writing scores have doubled and he has become a much more confidant writer."---Rob & Kathy Orr

"The thing that impresses me most about Mr. Lader is that he works
diligently to improve his students' English composition, comprehension, and study skills so that they can be successful adults."--- Joe B. Brown, Jr., PhD. Tutorial Coordinator, N.C. State University

"Mallory was having trouble reading and there was a strong possibility that she was going to repeat first grade. Mallory went from a 7/8 reading level to a 15/16 within just a small time frame with Bridges Tutoring. She improved tremendously in her understanding of the material as well. Her attitude toward learning changed almost immediately and they were seeing a confident student rather than a frustrated one. And the sessions made it fun!"---Anne & John White

"Bridges Tutoring has greatly increased Alex's writing skills. He can
read, comprehend, and write descriptions of stories he's read. He can reason
the outcomes and explain why he reached that outcome. In comprehension, Alex was getting mostly Ds, Us, and Fs. In less than 12 sessions once a week with Bridges, he is getting only As, Bs, and Cs."---Marion Vinson

"My son, Cedric, is getting Reading, Writing, and Math help with Bridges Tutoring. Several weeks after tutoring began, Mr. Lader said they could schedule a free one-hour lesson in addition to the regular meetings Cedric enjoys. The offer was a pleasant surprise and shows how much Bridges is committed to helping its students become successful learners.---Mrs. Jenice Tate, Raleigh

"Thanks for all of the work with Bill and your attempts to figure him out by talking with all of the teachers. Your advocacy on Bill's behalf has been a pleasant and unexpected surprise. You certainly have been much more than a tutor with Bill."---Geoffrey Wood

"The Writing Voyage program was creative and engaged the imaginations of the students."---4th grade teacher, Penny Road School

"Brandon's weakest subjects were reading comprehension and writing. With the help of Bridges Tutoring, he has developed writing skills that are above grade level. His reading comprehension score on the EOG test was perfect, and his assignment grades have been consistently As and Bs."---Jennifer & Jason Huckaby.

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