Art From Vincent Wood In Raleigh, NC

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The art of twin brothers Victor and Vincent Wood is merely a reflection of their lives. Born in Raleigh, N.C., in 1973, Victor arrived six minutes later than his brother, to everyone’s surprise. Under the influence of their highly individualistic mother, who died in 1989 from cancer, the twins developed an early enthusiasm for creativity as well as a strong, competitive drive to achieve. From the ages of five, their remarkable gift was


The twins mastered their skills through intensive self-learning and experimentation. They are naturally talented, neither ever having any classes or formal training. Competition also fueled the urge to strive for perfection in each work. In 1996, the brothers began their professional careers and their notoriety, as well as their talent, continues to grow each year. Each brother developed his own style and creativity, which has evolved into a versatile team that covers virtually the entire fine arts field. Their talent is comparatively equal, yet diverse and uniquely individual.

Vincent quickly etched his name in the art field at a young age in 2000 when Topps sports cards commissioned him to do the design for 6 special insert cards in their premium set. It was a great honor for Vincent, who had grown up collecting cards. Vincent continues to stay involved in professional sports as he has provided commissioned pieces to athletes, teams, and corporations.

Victor is married to the love of his life, Karen, and they have a daughter, Olivia, born in 2008. He continues his artistic journey with Vincent, combining to create some of the most unique pieces of art in the industry.
In the 2000 Jimmy V Celebrity charity events, the twins were commissioned to do the official poster and a special piece for the black tie auction.

Helping in the cause to find a cure for the disease that took their mother was a dream come true for the twins. They continue this effort today, and their artwork is a tribute to her loving memory.

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