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Ever since I was a child, I have been recording my perceptions of the world in drawings and paintings as my way of understanding and coping with the events of my life. The unexpected death of my father whe I was seven caused me to embark on a path of keen observation as a way of exercising vigilance. This, plus a love of drawing and painting, most assuredly contributed to my pursuit of visual art as a career.


Creating my artwork is a very introspective process for me. It is my way of dealing with what is invisible and making it real. It is my means of seeking truth and clarity.

My work with the Lucy Daniels Foundation over the past fourteen years has allowed me to see the correlation between my psychological issues, my daily life, my dreams and my creative work. This enables me to look at my art with a deeper understanding of the underlying forces behind it.

Although my work, like most creative work, could be seen as autobiographical, it also is reflective of this time in their existence and the issues they all face. My best paintings encourage the viewers to confront something within themselves and consider alternative points of view.

I work in series, processing an idea until I lose interest in it. Years later I may feel the need to revisit that idea in a slightly new direction. I've found that one idea usually leads to another, creating a continual flow of material to explore.

My earlier work mostly involved painting landscapes. I still return to the visual language of the land to process ideas of loss and recovery from loss, as in the series of large-scale landscapes of Scotland entitled ENDURANCE.

In the past ten years I've been focusing more on the human figure and architectural exteriors and interiors, sometimes combining the two in my paintings. I think of buildings as a symbol of the Self. The walls, passageways and apertures allow access or deny it. Transitions from one space to another within the structure symbolize psychological explorations. Thresholds represent the place where two worlds meet.

Darkness and light are the compelling forces in my work. Darkness, with it's uncertainty and fear, is necessary to make the light significant and vice versa. You can't see anything in the dark without some light. Light is the redeeming element in my work. It represents enlightenment, spirituality and healing. The juxtaposition of light and dark in my paintings represents the difficulty they all face in integrating these two forces in their lives.

As Albert Camus once said, "The great courage is to stare as squarely at the light as at the dark."

1201 W. Lenoir St.
North Carolina (NC)
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