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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disease with no known cause or cure. Despite the fact that little is known about the reason people get ALS, much is being done to promote awareness and understanding of the disease, and to find a cure.


It’s believed that as many as 30,000 Americans currently have ALS. In fact, the incidence of ALS is approximately 2 out of 100,000 people. Statistically speaking, nearly 5,600 people each year in the United States alone are diagnosed with ALS, which is five times higher than Huntington’s disease and about equal to Multiple Sclerosis.

Included in this site is valuable information about ALS, patient and caregiver tips, and events, news and volunteer opportunities that are beneficial to the fight against this disease. For additional information about the Chapter and its services, ALS clinics, the disease itself, or to find out how to get involved, please contact the ALS Association – Jim “Catfish” Hunter.

120-101 Penmarc Drive
North Carolina (NC)
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877-568-4347 (Toll Free)

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