Alcoholic Beverage Mims Distributing Company In Raleigh, NC

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H. H. "Boots" Mims was hired as sales manager for an existing beer distributorship in Raleigh, NC in July of 1964. He purchased the company later that same year and renamed it Mims Distributing Company. At that time, the organization had a total of 17 employees at its Fairview Road location. In 1969, Boots' brother Joe Mims became his partner. Later that year, Mims Distributing moved to a larger location on Tarheel Drive in North Raleigh. Their top sellers included Colt 45 Malt Liquor, Falstaff Beer, and Miller High Life. The company grew slowly until 1974, when tobacco giant Phillip Morris bought Miller Brewing and promptly introduced Lite Beer to the nation. Demand soared, and the warehouse on Tarheel Drive was expanded, but company growth prompted a move to a new, 32,000 square foot facility on nearby Harrod Street in 1978. Mims continued to grow during the 1980s and 1990s, and the company folded a wine company, Famous Brands, into its Harrod Street location. In July of 1996, Mims Distributing acquired the rights to sell Miller products in Durham, which added an additional four counties to its territory. In 2000, Mims divested its wine division to focus solely on its beer portfolio.


Today, there are currently over 120 full-time employees working out of their 91,000 square foot Harrod Street location. They serve nine counties in and around the Triangle region of central North Carolina.

Company Vision:

Mims Distributing Company’s business objective is to generate profit. How they do that is what will distinguish us from their competitors and other businesses. They can separate the “how” into three parts: how they view their people, how they work for their customers, and how they deal with their breweries.

Their People:

Their employees are the lifeblood of the company. They want to create an environment where people come to work energized and excited about their jobs. To do so requires that they provide support for them in many areas. They must first and foremost treat them with respect. If they don't, then they will not respect them. They must expect excellence from them in their job performance, just as they expect it from theirselves. Since growth is a positive force in people's lives, they must provide opportunities for it, both in terms of training and new skills for jobs. They must create an atmosphere that encourages innovation and change, and allows people to take risks and to fail sometimes. This allows for growth as well. As the company evolves, chances for advancement as employees develop and grow will provide a well of talent for their future.

Doing these things will create a workplace where trust and fun can exist with the hard work they do.

Their Customers:

Their customers provide them with the incomes that put the bread on their tables. Their satisfaction with their performance is paramount. They owe them their best. They will sell and deliver their products in a timely and efficient manner. They will provide their customers with the freshest product possible. They will present theirselves as professionals, with well-dressed employees, clean vehicles, and courteous manners. They will learn their customers' needs for their businesses so that they can be their partners in growing their sales and profits.

Offering their customers service at the highest level will make them their preferred beer vendor.

Their Breweries:

Their breweries create the products that they sell for them. Although in some sense they are their customer, they are also their customers, and they must treat them as such. They deserve the same respect that they afford anyone they deal with. They owe them their best efforts. They must balance their competing needs fairly. They must understand their businesses and work closely with them.

If they do these things, then they will view them as a model for brewer-distributor relations.


The literal bottom line in accounting is profit. Their bottom line is this: they owe their people and their customers nothing short of excellence in everything they do. Whether it is their day-to-day dealing with their co-workers, a delivery to a customer, creating a store set, or setting up programming with a supplier, they must strive to do their level best. A climate of excellence will make their company a productive and fun place to be, exceed their customers' and suppliers' expectations of us, and will generate maximum sales and profits for their company.

2100 Harrod St
North Carolina (NC)
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