Virginia surrounded by North Carolina


Virginia is situated on the Atlantic coast between New York and Florida. Near Washington (District of Columbia), it is surrounded by Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. Its capital is Richmond.

Covering an area of 110 800 kms (320 kms width of 690 kms long); Virginia has about 7.6 million. The state takes its name from Queen Elizabeth who was nicknamed "the virgin queen." The first to discover that territory was Walter Raleigh in 1584 and later settled a colony at Jamestown.

The Dutch then landed bringing with them the first black slaves in 1619. This is William Berkeley who led the country to be developed rapidly. Virginia was one of 13 countries to claim their independence from the English.

It is Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence of 4 July 1776 as a model by taking the declaration of Virginia. Similarly, James Madison, a native of this state, wrote the U.S. Constitution.

Virginia became the state of United States on 25 June 1788 and participated in the war of secession which split between the counties and the creation of West Virginia in 1861.

The vast Chesapeake Bay separates the state. On the political front, Virginia is a conservative Republican. Richmond, the capital, home to the Confederate Museum and many homes of farmers. Nearby, families are delighted to walk to Kings Dominion, a huge fleet of 350 hectares with the "Lion Country Safari, which allows you to walk in the middle of wildlife African impressive in semi-liberty (camels, giraffes, elephants , Lions, antelope ...).

A few kilometers from Washington on the Potomac River, you can collect on the tomb of George Washington and admire his house restored. Williamsburg, south of Richmond, discusses the infancy of the Nation with the U.S. Capitol, the Governor's Palace, the Palace of Justice and many other buildings that return the eighteenth century.

A few kilometers away, take a trip to Busch Gardens, a large theme park showing the first Europeans to settle in Virginia (France, Great Britain, and Germany). It is curious to see the three Musketeers or replica of the famous Le Mans circuit and able to drink in cafes typically Parisian. Jamestown is the seat of the first colony. Go admire his old bell tower and Fort James and the size copy of the three ships that landed in 1607.

Hampton, 50 kms, is the oldest existing pioneer site. Of course, Virginia, it also tracks the eye in Virginia Beach. But above all, do not leave the state without having visited Charlottesville to 110 miles from Richmond. Here lies the beautiful villa of Thomas Jefferson, the "Monticello", which includes no fewer than 35 pieces in which the owner died on July 4 1826, 50 years after signing the declaration of independence. This site is World Heritage of Humanity as the University of Virginia in which you can visit the room of Edgar Allan Poe.

At Lexington, further south, are buried General Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Virginia also offers amazing natural constructions like Natural Bridge revered by Indians, on which George Washington engraved initials, which was bought by Thomas Jefferson to the English. Finally, magnificent caves and caverns await your visit to New Market. To break the state, take Skyline Drive that crosses the Shenandoah National Park and offers a panoramic view extraordinary. It will lead you to National Park Smoky Mountain in Tennessee and North Carolina.

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