Shoe Carnival

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Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival stores definitely have their own style. The open format, catchy music and friendly associates set the stage for a wonderful shopping experience. Throw an unbelievable product assortment, great brand names and value pricing in the mix and you get a one-stop footwear destination that satisfies the needs of the entire family.


Shoe Carnival, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and is strongly committed to attracting and retaining a highly diverse workforce. They respect and recognize the unique contribution each individual brings to their team, and they are fully committed to supporting a rich culture of diversity as a cornerstone of their business success, in which excellent performance is the measure of individual and team accomplishment. Shoe Carnival strives to create an environment in which cooperation, teamwork and professionalism thrive.

404 Crossroads Boulevard
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(919) 851-5487

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