Spring Hill House

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Spring Hill House

Spring Hill is located on the site of a large plantation once owned by Colonel The ophilus Hunter, a pioneer settler and early leader in Wake County. Hunter served as first Judge of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in 1771, as a colonel in the Colonial Militia, as Representative to the House of Commons, as first county surveyor, as first county tax assessor, as one of five commissioners supervising the erection of the first State House in 1791 and as one of seven Raleigh City Commissioners in 1795.


Stories from the NC Practice Improvement Collaborative. North Carolina is committed to promoting evidence-based and best practices in its public mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse service system. In this video, three people who have used such services talk about the impact on their own lives.

The Division's organizational structure is designed to implement the State Plan and reform efforts. The substance of the Division's goals and objectives will guide the development of the workings of the Division and that work will be carried out through this organizational structure.

The Division's central administration consists of the Director's Office and five sections organized along functional lines. The five sections of the Division are State Operated Healthcare Facilities, Community Policy Management, Resource/Regulatory Management, Advocacy and Customer Services, and Operations Support. The Division's state facilities consist of four regional psychiatric hospitals, four developmental disabilities centers, three substance abuse treatment centers, a specialty nursing facility for consumers with mental illness, a specialty nursing facility for consumers with developmental disabilities, and two residential facilities for children with emotional disturbances.

705 Barbour Dr, Dix Central Regional, Hospital, Raleigh Campus
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