Project 58

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Project 58

Project 58 is a locally owned and operated skateboard facility located in north Raleigh. Our facility boasts 10000 square feet of park, plus a clean, concession & arcade area to hang out in. As an added bonus, our concession area has a full service coffee and espresso; bar (hey, we love coffee) P58 is also full heated in the winter months, and air-conditioned in the hot, summer months we like that feature, too.


Project 58 is also recognized as the top destination in the area for visiting pro's and celebrities. Past guests' _at P58 include Geoff Rowley, Mark Apple yard, Tom Penny, kerry Getz, Jereme Rogers, Mike V, Pat Duffy, Reese Forbes,; Tim O'Connor, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, and last but not least, Dave Chappelle.

We are also attached to NC's largest skate shop, Vertical Urge. At Vertical you can find pretty much whatever your heart desires from every deck imaginable, to shoes, jeans, and accessories.

7409 Six Forks Rd
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