Jumpin Jonny's Steaks and Subs

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Jumpin Jonny's Steaks and Subs

At Jumpin’ Jonny’s Steaks & Subs we utilize our upbeat, sometimes sassy, quick service and provide nothing but the highest quality food for our customers. We start early in the morning preparing you fresh baked breads. We slice your sub to order. We grill our authentic “Philly” cheese steaks with you right there in front of us, we have nothing to hide!


Nobody builds a better Sandwich!! Our fries are hand cut and fresh…we often joke and say they were potatoes hours ago, it’s true. Same goes for our lemonade, squeezed fresh in-house the minute you order it.

Yes, we are a little old school… everything prepared at the peak of freshness, on site, everyday. If that makes us different from the prepackaged, pre-sliced, everyday big boy chains then so be it. We’d rather be different and you should be too! Come check us out!

Don’t miss your chance to have the Best Cheese Steak from Here to Philly!!

7870 Alexander Promenade Pl., Ste. 125, Brier Creek,
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