Carolina Rollergirls

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Carolina Rollergirls

Formed in January 2004, OUR MISSION has been to bring an alternative sporting entertainment to North Carolina while training for national competition. The Carolina Rollergirls now have two interleague teams that compete against leagues in other cities: the Carolina All-Stars and the Carolina Bootleggers. These interleague teams take the top skaters in our Raleigh-based league and match them up against other Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) teams across the nation. For scores, photos and recaps of the Carolina All-Stars and Carolina Bootleggers games check out our Scrapbook page.


The Carolina Rollergirls' derby is NOT a wrasslin' style circus act. Staged fighting has been replaced with walloping take-outs. Our fast-dodging jammers are too hungry for points to slow down for silly acrobatics. But the hits keep getting harder every season, and we like to show off every chance we get!

Flat-track roller derby requires skill, strategy and a fearless defiance of good sense. Our game is a fierce competition, fired by a rock n' roll attitude & a free-wheeling spirit. We may be a mischievous crew of shenanigan-charged ladies, but when the whistle blows, playtime is over.

The Carolina Rollergirls are proud members of the Womens Flat-Track Derby Association (WFTDA), which we helped form in 2004. We're working tirelessly with leagues across the nation to standardize and promote national competition.

The first national WFTDA sanctioned tournament, the Dust Devil, was held in Tucson, AZ in February 2006. The top 20 leagues from across the country battled it out over three days, and the Carolina Rollergirls placed 8th, establishing our league as one of skilled skaters who have a passion for doing derby right. The Carolina Rollergirls have consistently shown that our league is a force to be reckoned with as we have continued to be in the top ten leagues for every ranking quarter and opinion poll since 2006.

Roller derby is a sport for women who play life by a different set of rules. We're proud, hard-working, independent-minded women. We're vixens, wise-crackers and naughty troublemakers. And we're big-hearted women ready to get down and derby.

OUR FANS are such an important part of the roller derby experience! Our game is played on a flat rink surface, which allows our fans to be a part of the action. Skaters are fast, hard-hitting and loaded with attitude. If a Rollergirl gets too big for her britches, the most satisfying take-down can be a good knock into the audience!

The Carolina Rollergirls bouts are held at the North Carolina State Fairground's historic Dorton Arena. The Fairgrounds are located at the intersection of Hillsborough Street and Blue Ridge Road. (Directions).

Formed in January 2004, OUR MISSION has been to bring an alternative sporting entertainment to North Carolina while training for national competition. The Carolina Rollergirls is a 501c3 non-profit organization promoting the physical & mental strength and independent spirit of women. We are run for the skaters, by the skaters, and with the help of devoted volunteers.

1025 Blue Ridge Rd.
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