It is not known whether Sir Walter Raleigh was a friend or lover Elizabeth 1st of England is always there that it conceded a great state of America, called Caroline. At the time, both were met Caroline. Today, Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina as well as Charlotte is the largest city in the two states.


The city was founded in 1792 and named "Raleigh" in honor of Sir Walter Raleigh who was the creator of the first English colony in the New World; the first installation of Roanoke, Virginia has been a fiasco. What is curious is that since its foundation, Raleigh has very little until the Civil War.

It will increase from the 1920s and then flourish in the 60s by creating a town with the cities of Durham and Chapel Hill in forming the "Research Triangle Park. This all 1.5 million people including more than 300 000 inhabitants for Raleigh which has an area of 300 km2. His nickname is "City of Oaks" (the city of oak) in comparison with many trees planted in the city.

Raleigh is part of the great high-tech center, Research Triangle Park with 135 tech companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical equipment. The three universities are also deemed (University of North Carolina, Duke University, North Carolina Central University).

It also lies near the headquarters of the International Business IBM. Some monuments or museums are must visit as it is the state capital and those buildings are a must see for tourist and is a loved building by architectural interested people, in the fine neogrec style. Many museums are grouped as the museum of art, history, natural sciences (the largest in this field in south-eastern United States).

Other more "modern" is devoted to science and technology is IMAX Theater Exploris in Raleigh, NC. The arts are not forgotten with the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts "which includes theaters and auditoriums. To visit North Carolina, Raleigh, although the capital, can only be a drop point that can lead to the beaches or the Appalachian mountains, having admired the Fort Raleigh in Manteo, instead of landing British to conquer the new world.

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