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Freelance artist:


  • mfk designs, inc.  (2004 – present)
  • Gardner- Moross   Inc., NY, NY and Charlotte, NC (floorcloth design company)1990-1994       
  • Art Restoration Apprentice: (sculpture/objects) Edith Schroeder Restoration, Gloucester, MA 1988-1989
  • Student:  The Foundry, Charlotte, NC  (bronze sculpture techniques)    
  • Studied under Vaino Kola (printmaking, figure drawing and painting)
  • Studied under Nancy Helfant (sculpture techniques of clay, wire and found objects)
  • Degree: B.A. Art History(studio art), Wheaton College, Norton, MA

Presently a colorist and abstract acrylic artist, she is experimenting in mixed media and collage techniques using canvas as the building block. Primary colors and bold lines bring out the full potential of the large canvases from which she works.  She uses the canvas as a sponge to soak up her vivid bold  palette. Their boldness ebbs and flows across the foreground creating both positive and negative space. Meaghan  utilizes the brush, palette knife , sponge or found object  to guide the flow of paint on her paintings. Her paintings ooze with a unique richness of shape and form . Her process highlights the subliminal application of paint on canvas intertwining to create a majestic flow to her paintings. Her designs are organic in form.

Her latest media is oil. She has a new respect for landscapes and still lifes in oil. She is trying to tackle the flexibility and looseness that oils bring to the canvas. This new endeavor will help her as an artist fine tune her mixing of color to create depth and contrast in her works.

Her photographs glimpse the  beauty of shape,  color and  the play of positive and negative space that falls on objects.  This play of light and dark  creates a lovely serenity that exudes from her work.  Architecture and landscapes predominately influence her subject matter. Her travels enable her to catch the glimpses of the world and spaces around us. Her focus is on the interplay of shape and natural sunlight and how we  the viewer interact with it all thru our eyes and thus the camera's lense.

She works out of her home studio in North Carolina.

7209 Governors Row
North Carolina (NC)
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