Bartlett Tree Research Lab In Charlotte, NC

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Francis A. Bartlett founded The F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company in 1907. His mission: to provide preventive care that would assure good health, longevity, beauty, and safety for his clients' trees.


By 1927, Bartlett had enough scientific work in progress to warrant the establishment of the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, located first in North Stamford, Connecticut, and, since 1965, on a large property in Charlotte, North Carolina. The permanent laboratories staff consists of Ph.D's in disciplines such as plant pathology, entomology, physiology and soil science. They are guided by technicians with degrees in horticulture, botany, arboriculture, biology, forestry and similar disciplines.

Our corporate headquarters staff consists of executives, managers and staff handling such functions as planning, budgeting, finance, sales, insurance, personnel, safety, equipment, business systems, taxes, marketing, public relations, government regulation, field support, purchasing, warehousing and so forth.

Our history has been long and rewarding. Our future is bright as we prepare to enter the new century in our traditional conservative growth mode. This will require greater numbers of dedicated, talented people than we have ever employed before, during a time when the availability of such people is decreasing. We're up to that challenge, and stand ready to welcome our new associates into the Bartlett family.

Bartlett Tree Experts offers a variety of services designed to help its clients by intervening, diagnosing, prescribing, and prioritizing the work involved for each job. Bartlett's overall program of preventive and remedial care, its Integrated Pest Management program, and its proprietary products and programs ensure a level of caring and customer satisfaction upheld at every step, at each Bartlett location. To learn more about Bartlett's specific service options click on a category.

Bartlett offers a number of resources for the experienced arborist and amateur tree lover alike. The links above offer access to Bartlett's informative fact sheets, publications, newsletters, and articles.

When you choose a career with Bartlett Tree Experts you become a member of our family of employees throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland. Bartlett is a company built on pride and family values that goes back to 1907. We are proud of our scientific knowledge of tree care, the quality of our work, the level of service, our award-winning safety record and, most of all, our people.

Because we base our plant care programs on science, we offer a wide range of career choices in arboriculture as well as in the many support services. We also maintain our renowned research laboratory, which is staffed with eminent scientists and assisting professionals.

As we continually move forward in our pursuit of new advances and scientific breakthroughs, as well as maintain our industry leadership of quality and integrity, we will need additional dedicated and talented people. We look forward to your application, and stand ready to welcome new associates into the Bartlett family of employees.

Bartlett Tree Experts not only provides professional arboriculture and horticulture services, but also helps fund and accelerate the future of these fields through affiliations and collaborations with universities and aspiring arborists and horticulturists.

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