Charlotte, funny name for a town! It was named in honor of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III of England. His fierce resistance during the War of Independence against the English was also being called "Hornet's Nest" (nest of hornets).


Today, it is known that Charlotte has become one of the largest banking centers in the USA. It was born in 1755 in Charlotte Town, commercial crossroads between the Americans and English settlers.

Charlotte is one of the first cities to revolt against the British during the War of Independence. The city develops especially with the trade of gold in the nineteenth century (that's where we found the first deposits of gold). Today, Charlotte has more than 650 000 inhabitants and its suburbs 1.6 million people.

Its growth is very fast and the city attracts many immigrants from other U.S. states. Despite a mild climate, warm even in winter, the city is famous for its major crime although declining in recent years.

Today, Charlotte is a major banking center and financial including the headquarters of Bank of America, which is why the downtown continues to grow and build buildings like the Bank of America Corporate Top center of 265 meters.

The city has many universities and private schools but also some parks and museums as the Afro-American Cultural Center, a large cultural center dedicated to the arts Afro-American or a Benedictine monastery, a modern arts center, a museum on aviation and museum on the history of the city of Charlotte. Nearby are also old cotton plantations you can visit and which broadcast the history of the great planters and slaves.

Closer to our time, the Discovery Place is a museum of science forwards specialized videos under a large dome. Do not miss the Reed Gold Mine, where it is discovered the first gold deposit of the United States and for a lazy weekend discover the great golden beaches on the Atlantic near the city and for a tour in history, and push up its Cherokee Indian village.

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