Levine Museum of the New South

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Levine Museum of the New South

Levine Museum of the New South Chronicling Southern history since the Civil War, Levine Museum of the New South engages visitors with compelling perspectives to tell the region’s story. The signature “Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers” is the museum’s award-winning centerpiece.


The New South means people, places and a period of time from 1865 to today. Levine Museum of the New South is an interactive history museum that provides the nation with the most comprehensive interpretation of post Civil War southern society featuring men, women and children, black and white, rich and poor, long-time residents and newcomers who have shaped the South since the Civil War.

  • A Time - The New South is the period of time from 1865, following the Civil War, to the present.
  • A Place - The New South includes areas of the Southeast U.S. that began to grow and flourish after 1865.
  • An Idea - The New South represents new ways of thinking about economic, political and cultural life in the South.
  • Reinvention - he New South encompasses the spirit of re-invention. The end of slavery forced the South to reinvent its economy and society.
  • People - The New South continuously reinvents itself as newcomers, natives, immigrants, visitors and residents change the composition and direction of the region.
200 E. Seventh Street
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