Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center



1983, in Melbourne, Australia. U.S. operations began in 1985.


The Jenny Craig is a clinically proven and comprehensive program that uses a food/body/mind approach to safe weight loss, developed by registered dieticians in consultation with a Medical Advisory Board of distinguished experts. Each client's personalized program reflects the latest research on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle change for effective weight management.

We offer customized programs that include one-on-one personal consultations, more than 80 delicious Jenny's Cuisine entrees and snacks, personalized menus/activity and motivational plans and helpful Jenny Craig program materials.


To improve people's lives by helping them lose weight and keep it off.


Innovation. Excellence. Teamwork. Learning. Integrity. Diversity. Health. Fun.

Medical Advisory Board:

Jenny Craig boasts a highly regarded Medical Advisory Board comprised of renowned experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition, exercise, physiology and lifestyle change. By working closely with these professionals, Jenny Craig can incorporate the latest information and most effective strategies for obtaining and maintaining healthy lifestyles.


Jenny Craig offers over 80 Jenny's Cuisine® breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items, as well as videos, audiocassettes, cookbooks and exercise accessories. Jenny's Cuisine® offerings and merchandise mixes are continuously refreshed with new products and limited-time offers.


More than 725 Company-owned and franchised Centres in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico and Guam.

Jenny Craig At Home:

Jenny Craig's convenient and private At-Home Program delivers food to your doorstep and allows you to conduct your weekly consultations over the phone.


There are over 150,000 people following the JC program in an average week. Jenny Craig has provided services to more than 5 million clients worldwide since 1983.

Since the company started in Melbourne, Australia, in 1983, the Jenny Craig Program has helped millions of people achieve their weight management goals through a safe, balanced lifestyle approach. Our program is designed by our team of registered dietitians in consultation with our expert Medical Advisory Board, whose recommendations reflect the latest research on nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle change for weight management and disease prevention.

The keys to successful weight loss are a combination of knowledge and motivation. It takes knowledge of healthy eating and active lifestyle strategies to lose weight, and it takes ongoing motivation to maintain that weight loss. Jenny Craig provides both the education and support to help clients achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

In June 2006, ACI Capital and MidOcean partners jointly announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell Jenny Craig to Nestlé in a transaction valued at approximately $600 million. The transaction was finalized in July, 2006.

Jenny Craig's management team continues to run the business, and reports directly to Nestlé Nutrition – becoming the fourth pillar of their activities along with infant nutrition, healthcare nutrition, and performance nutrition.

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