Bravo's Mexican Grill

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Bravo's Mexican Grill

Bravo's Mexican Grill located at 208 Grande Heights Drive in Cary, NC opened its doors on New Year's Day 2010 in Harrison Pointe shopping center. This is Jesus and Fernando Bravo’s first venture north of the South Carolina border for the father and son team. Bravo’s already owns two successful Mexican restaurants in South Carolina. Bravo’s new restaurants extensive menu raises the ante considerably above the typical.


Tex-Mex offering and includes a number of surprises such as “Pollo Relleno” a grilled chicken breast stuffed with ham, spinach and cheese topped with their famous Creamy Broccoli Gravy, lime tilapia, pork fajitas (one of nine variations on the theme) and an unlikely culinary fusion of Philadelphia and Mexico City called Bravo's cheese steak. Those seeking more familiar fare will find it in abundance, from enchiladas to tacos (soft or hard) to lunchtime Tex-Mex combo plates. The fish tacos are getting early rave reviews. The father and son team has given the former East Coast Wings spot a thorough makeover, transforming it from a takeout joint to a full service restaurant. It's a small space but an inviting one, with a full bar (check out the old Western movie stills and head shots under the lacquered bar top) and colorful, cheery vibe.

Bravo's Mexican Grill, 208 Grande Heights Dr.
Harrison Pointe, Cary
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