Ledonia Wright Cultural Center

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Ledonia Wright Cultural Center

The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center opened its doors in October of 1995 on the campus of East Carolina University. It is named for a popular and respected university professor who advised the university's first African-American student organization. The Center, a freestanding structure located in the heart of East Carolina University's main campus, serves as a facility for research, educational programming and as the repository for the university's collection of African and African-American art.


Located in the Bloxton House in the heart of the University's east campus, the Center features a newspaper reading room, a main lounge and reception area, two conference rooms, and an art gallery where Native American, African and African-American art is on display. Works of art by former East Carolina students are featured throughout the Center.

The center maintains database of cultural development resources for students while providing information about various diverse campus organizations and their events. The staff of the center works in conjunction with university departments, students, and the community to produce cultural programs.

Ledonia Wright African-American Cultural Center Bloxton House, East Carolina University Greenville, The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center is a cultural education facili- ty for East Carolina University, its visitors, and Eastern North Carolina. It houses the university’s 150-piece art collection made by the Kuba of Zaire, donated by Winston-Salem’s Dr. James Lankton.

Ledonia Wright Cultural Center, Bloxton House
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