The Food Factory

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The Food Factory

Welcome to the Food Factory. The Food Factory is a deli. A deli on steroids. It's a hybrid of our favorite neighborhood delis and diners back in Queens. The Jewish deli, the German deli and the "smelly deli" (aka the Italian deli), the local diner and of course, your caterer. We recreate food that is time-tested and functional. Food that grew out of the ethnic fast paced delis in New York City. Deli food has become an American staple for one good reason: we all love it.


We make all of our food - salads, soups, sides, desserts and daily specials here at F2 each day. We also offer about a hundred different kinds of sandwiches. We use Boar's Head brand products because they're the best. We hope you enjoy our food as much as we do. We now offer electronic gift cards. They are re-loadable and available in any denomination.

211 East Chatham Street
Contact Info
(919) 468-1139

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