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Carolina Tix

CarolinaTix is a centralized ticketing service offering convenient, one-stop-shopping for tickets to many Charlotte events. More than 16 organizations ranging from the Blumenthal Peforming Arts Center to the United Way currently use the system to handle ticketings for shows and special events, with more clients being added every month. Patrons can make purchases through online 24 hours a day or they can buy tickets via phone or in person at the Blumenthal box office in Founders Hall.


CarolinaTix's goal is to provide easy access to tickets for performing arts and other special events in the Charlotte area. Because ticketing services require a significant investment in computers and software, many smaller event presenters are not able to offer their customers features like on-line sales and year-round phone centers. CarolinaTix opens that possibility. By joining together in a centralized service like, local events sponsors and special activity presenters can afford to offer computerized ticketings to their customers.

Carolina Tix
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