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BLACK WHOLE featured Brooklyn based dance artist Janice Lancaster (, projection designer Adam Larsen ( and musician Jason Daniello ( along with additional dancers from New York City and local skaters. The performance was an extraordinary immersion in video, sound and dance exploring the connections between life and landscape through image, sound and movement. Inspired by the groundbreaking experiments in interdisciplinary performance at Black Mountain College, Lancaster, Larsen and Daniello designed an event not to be missed.


History and Goals of BMCM+AC

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center was founded in 1993 by Mary Holden to honor and pay tribute to the spirit and history of Black Mountain College and to acknowledge the College's role as a forerunner in progressive, interdisciplinary education with a focus on the arts.

Through exhibitions, publications, lectures, films, seminars, and oral history interviews BMCM+AC is committed to spreading awareness of Black Mountain College and its important legacy. In 1995 they organized a Black Mountain College reunion attended by former faculty and students. Other ongoing projects include the development of a permanent collection and archive to provide safe storage for artwork and historical materials related to the College and a series of publications about the college and the people associated with it.

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center aspires to provide a place where multifaceted programming can take place in an energetic environment. Their goal is to provide a forum for people from a variety of backgrounds in both the arts and sciences to interact so that art, ideas, and discourse are integrated with an emphasis on process rather than product.

The home of the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center provides a forum to perpetuate the energy, vision, and accomplishments that made Black Mountain College one of the most creative educational forces of the 20th century. At the same time, BMCM+AC sponsors new programs to promote an innovative and experimental approach to today's issues and concerns. Thus the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center preserves and perpetuates the guiding spirit of historic Black Mountain College as an inspiration for contemporary society.

BMCM+AC Mission Statement

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center preserves and continues the unique legacy of educational and artistic innovation of Black Mountain College for public study and enjoyment. They achieve their mission through collection, conservation, and educational activities including exhibition, publication and public programs.

56 Broadway St
North Carolina (NC)
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