Jasmin Mediterranean Bistro

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Jasmin Mediterranean Bistro

Jasmin Bistro is a family owned and operated Mediterranean bistro, which uniquely blends both Greek and Lebanese (eastern Mediterranean) cuisines. This unique menu, which is made from scratch in its entirety, ranges from the famous Greek dishes of spanakopita and gyros to famous middle eastern delights such as beef/chicken shawarma, hummus, falafel, grape leaves, and many other great delights. The owners of Jasmine Bistro, Nawwaf and Bayan Said: "For the last 20 years they made the Triangle area of North Carolina their home. They always have been eager to share their food and culture with their new friends and neighbors in North Carolina."


Using a mixed of local fresh North Carolina produce, imported high quality ingredients, and great attention to details is what make Jasmin food unique, balanced, and delicious. Enjoy our fresh and healthy food at any of our 3 locations. We also gladly cater your next corporate lunch or special event. Corporations cross the globe are finding out that the health of their employees is critical to the success of their business. We, at Jasmin Bistro, want to help you promote a healthy life style for all of your employees. We will customize your menu to meet the dietary needs of all employees as well as your budget.

2430 Hillsborough St.
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