Roan Mountain Trails

Roan Mountain Trails



Roan Mountain and the Roan Mountain Highlands straddle the North Carolina/Tennessee border about a 45 minute drive from Boone. Several designated hiking trails, ranging up to four miles in length and varying in difficulty, meander through the park’s forests and stretches of Grassy Balds. For the experienced hiker, the famed Appalachian Trail crosses Roan Mountain at one of its most scenic junctures. The top of the mountain is open from April to October. For more information, phone 423-772-3314.

Cloudland Trail:

A 3.0 mile intermediate trail, the Cloudland Trail follows the crest of Roan Mountain, with a trailhead at the top of the Roan.

Gardens Trail:

This trail, 1.0 mile in length, is paved and travels throughout Roan Mountain’s famed rhododendron gardens which usually bloom in June. This trail is handicapped accessible.

Appalachian Trail:

The Maine-to-Georgia Appalachian Trail crosses Roan Mountain, literally going “right over the top.” It’s difficult trekking in spots, but well worth the effort. An Appalachian Trail shelter is located near the peak of Roan Mountain.

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