Recycling In The High Country

Who Takes What:


Here is a list of the local governments that operate recycling programs, what types of materials they accept and how to get them to the recycling center.

Ashe County:

The Ashe County government, in conjunction with the towns of Jefferson and West Jefferson, operate a drop-off recycling program using recycling dumpsters placed at five points throughout the county.

County Recycling Centers:

  • Near Lansing on NC 194, at the dumpster site near United Chemi-Con
  • Bear Creek Road dumpster site near Glendale Springs
  • 16 North Convenience Center, approximately 5 miles out of Jefferson
  • On US 221, at the Baldwin dumpster site
  • Old Riverview School dumpster site on Hwy 88 near Clifton

Materials Accepted: Green, brown and clear glass; aluminum; newsprint; corrugated cardboard, PET milk and plastic soda bottles, #1 and #2 plastics, steel cans, used motor oil, all white goods (refrigerators, etc.) Also holds Household Hazardous Waste Days three times a year. Call for dates and details.

For further information, contact Don Houck, Ashe County Environmental Services Director, at 910-246-3721.

Avery County:

Avery County operates a single recycling collection spot in downtown Newland. Call 733-8285 for further information.

Location: Linville manned trash site on Hwy 181. Hours are Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri from 6 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays
from 8 am to 6 pm.

Materials: Aluminum; newsprint; green, brown and clear glass; cardboard; plastics; catalogs and magazines. Tires and appliances can be taken to the transfer station on Brushy Creek Road near the Avery County Airport.

Sugar Mountain:

Sugar Mountain has a recycling center. Call the public works office 898-5822 for information.

Location Inside the entrance to Sugar Mountain and across from the town hall. 24-hour access. Materials Newsprint; green, brown and clear glass; aluminum cans.

Beech Mountain:

Beech Mountain operates a single collection center near the town public works department on Beech Mountain Parkway. Call 387-4236 for further information.

Materials:Newsprint; green, brown and clear glass; aluminum and metal food cans; corrugated cardboard; magazines,
catalogs; #1 and #2 plastics. The public works department does special pick-ups on appliances, tires, used motor oil, batteries, yard waste, furniture and carpet.

Watuga County:

Watauga County operates a program that uses recycling dumpsters at the manned container sites, plus the county landfill near Boone. The manned sites have various operating hours, while the landfill container sites are now manned and open during the hours posted at the site. During Daylight Savings Time, all sites will remain open 1 hour later than their winter schedule.

County Recycling Centers:

  • The U.S.321-Aho Road container site, on U.S. 321 between Boone and Blowing Rock
  • The Valle Crucis container site, on N.C. 194 above the conference center in Valle Crucis
  • The U.S. 421 container site, on U.S. 421 in the Zionville community
  • The Green Valley container site, on N.C. 194 in Green Valley community
  • The Bethel container site, on Bethel Road in the Bethel community
  • The Watauga County landfill container site, on U.S. 421 just east of Boone. This site is open Monday-Saturday.
  • The Deep Gap container site, on U.S. 421 across from the Wildcat Road Flea Market.
  • The 221 South container site on US 221 between Blowing Rock and Linville.
  • The Triplett container site on Jake Mountain Road across from the Simmons Fire Department.

Materials Accepted:Green, brown and clear glass; newsprint; corrugated cardboard (basically cardboard boxes, does
not include gray cardboard such as cereal boxes); clear PET plastic (the white milk jugs) and clear soda bottles (cannot be colored).The landfill also accepts tires and white goods (stoves, refrigerators). There is a charge for certain items. Call 264-4885 for further information.

Blowing Rock:

The town of Blowing Rock operates a recycling drop-off center for residents, and has some commercial collection for businesses. Call 295-5227 for further information.

Location: Drop-off center behind the American Legion Post 256 on Wallingford Street

Materials: Green, brown and clear glass; paper, including newsprint and regular paper; Number 1 and 2 plastics,
includes milk jugs, soda bottles and some others; aluminum and steel cans; corrugated cardboard and grayboard (cereal boxes).


The town of Boone handles their recycling program through a contract with GDS, Inc. Residential, business and apartment recycling programs are offered, including backyard composting. Call Suma Bolick at 262-4560 for information.

Residential Recycling:The town collects recyclables with a curbside collection route. Bins are available through the Town of Boone. Green, brown and clear glass; PET and drink bottles (#1 only - no detergent, shampoo or food tub plastics) ; steel and aluminum cans; newsprint; magazines, catalogs and phone books.

Office Recycling Program:GDS offers a special recycling program for businesses. Materials accepted are: All white and colored paper, aluminium beverage cans, corrugated cardboard. Backyard Composting Bins:The town of Boone now offers free backyard composting bins, constructed of waste wood from Cypress trees. This bin will compost kitchen scraps and leaves/yard trash. Call for information.

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