• Precycling is reducing waste before you throw it away.
  • Purchase items in recyclable containers: purchasing eggs in cardboard cartons instead of Styrofoam; drinks in aluminum or glass containers instead of plastic (more governments recycle aluminum and glass than plastic).
  • Purchase items that have a minimum amount of packaging: fruits and vegetables in bags or loose instead of wrapped; items with only a single layer of wrapping instead of a cardboard box covered in plastic shrink wrap.
  • Purchase items made from recycled material: many paper goods, such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and greeting cards, now are made from post-consumer or pre-consumer recycled paper.
  • Purchase items that you don't throw away: old-fashioned steel blade razors, cloth napkins and towels, cloth diapers, cloth bags for grocery shopping instead of paper or plastic bags, rechargeable batteries, wind-up watches (no batteries to throw away), plastic food containers for lunch instead of plastic wrap and paper bags.
  • Reuse items as much as possible: take grocery bags back to the store until they wear out. Old containers, such as plastic jugs, glass jars and plastic butter tubs, can be used for storage.

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