Mayland Community College

Mayland Community College

Mayland Community College serves students in three counties, Avery, Mitchell and Yancey. The name is taken from those three, their first letters forming "MAY."


The main campus is located on the Avery/Mitchell line, near the town of Spruce Pine. The school started as Mayland Technical Institute and was approved by the General Assembly in 1971.

The school serves as a focal point for both technical training and adult education in the region. It is an important resource for people who dropped out of school and want to complete their education and improve their job skills. Job training programs, such as operated by the North Carolina Department of Labor in Avery and Mitchell, rely on Mayland to help their participants.

The institution has a 41-acre campus with five buildings, including a Vocational Solaronics Laboratory, Auto Body Repair and welding shop. In addition, Mayland operates two off-campus learning centers.

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Here are some key numbers (all are area code 828):

  • Main Campus..................765-7351
  • Child Development Center.....765-1401
  • Avery Learning Center........733-5883
  • Special Projects.............733-8877

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