High Country History (1980-1989)

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  • Growing Pains Marked - (And Marred) The 1980's
    From toxic dumps to high-rises to shopping centers, the 1980's was the decade when growth pressures came to a head in Watauga County. Many believe the "activist" attitude grew from groups formed in
  • Watauga Airspace - Maintaining A No-Fly Zone
    Lately, a High Country resident can't throw a stick without hitting a "concerned citizens" group. But such groups are certainly nothing new. In fact, the original Concerned Citizens of Watauga County
  • The Birth Of Beech Mountain In 1981
    The highest town east of the Mississippi was incorporated in 1981: Beech Mountain. The small but opinionated community came to life at the same time that its major attraction was folding. The Land of
  • Drinking Wars: A Wet Decade
    Few things rouses a populace like a vote on alcohol sales. The 1980's in Watauga were a time of controversy, pro-business versus pro-morality, wet versus dry, and a flurry of elections challenges.
  • The 20th Century High Country History
    When one millenium ends and another begins, people tend to reflect on the changes that have taken place in the world. By looking at where we've been, it's easier to see where we're going. The
  • Growing, Growing, Grown Watauga County in the 1990s
    The 1990’s were the decade when residents of Watauga County got more. More students, more tourists, more residents. More buildings, more businesses. More roads, more traffic, more parking headaches.
  • High Country History (1990-1999)
    Innocence And Experience - Jeni Gray, Daniel Lee Bring Reality To Watauga County ASU's Convocation Center - Largest Single Construction Project in Watauga History Growing, Growing, Grown Watauga