High Country History (1930-1939)

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  • Blue Ridge Parkway - A Source of Excitement In Region Throughout Decade
    President Franklin Roosevelt was only in office a few months when Sen. Harry F. Byrd of Virginia made a radical suggestion to him: build a highway connecting the Great Smoky Mountains and Shennandoah
  • The Great Depression - A Turning Point For Watauga County
    The Great Depression dominated the news of the 1930s not only in Watauga County, but around the world. While the Depression was the worst of times, it also marked a turning point in the history of
  • The WPA - New Deal Brought Modern Structures, New Hope
    For some of Watauga County's poorest families, a start to the end of the Great Depression came when the WPA came to town. Part of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, the Work Projects Administration had
  • The 20th Century High Country History
    When one millenium ends and another begins, people tend to reflect on the changes that have taken place in the world. By looking at where we've been, it's easier to see where we're going. The
  • Blue Ridge Parkway Map
    This Blue Ridge Parkway map is graphically intense, so please give it a moment to come in.
  • The Historic Blue Ridge Parkway
    There is no road like it on this continent or in the world. No other road dares to hug the very crest of mountains for such a long distance, almost 470 miles. No road passes through such a variety of
  • High Country History (1990-1999)
    Innocence And Experience - Jeni Gray, Daniel Lee Bring Reality To Watauga County ASU's Convocation Center - Largest Single Construction Project in Watauga History Growing, Growing, Grown Watauga