Fred's General Mercantile

Fred's General Mercantile

Welcome to Beech Mountain and Fred's General Mercantile. They're not only America's highest General Mercantile at an elevation of 5049', but they are located in Eastern America's Highest Town at an elevation of 5506'. Open 365 days a year, they are a store and a town devoted to serving the needs of visitors, skiers, snowboarders, summer folks, and locals alike.


Your vacation trip to the North Carolina High Country begins and ends at Fred's. If you are of an age that you can remember how each small town or village always had a general store that served as the center of the community, you will especially enjoy their store with its vast variety of goods, for just about any need you may have. If you are younger and don't remember about general stores, you too will enjoy visiting with us for the experience that a trip to Fred's will bring to you.

Fred's General Mercantile
501 Beech Mountain Parkway
Beech Mountain, NC 28604
Phone: (828) 387-4838

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