Come Feed The Animals at Lazy 5 Ranch

Come Feed The Animals at Lazy 5 Ranch

Now you too can go where the deer and the antelope play. And the water buffalo and the camels, and the elk, and the Watusi cows, and the rhino, and the giraffes….


The Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC is home to over 400 animals from around the world. The animals come right up to you, hoping for food, as you travel the three mile safari path in your own car, or on a horse drawn wagon. No need to worry about these animals. They receive great care and a lot of respect from owner Henry Hampton, his family and staff. Henry has worked with all types of animals for over 25 years. He got his start at age 14 when he and some friends caught chickens at Graceful deer find a safe home at The Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NCnight for area farmers. His reputation as an animal handler quickly grew, and soon Henry was catching deer and other animals for people who had their own nature preserve areas. His own collection of animals began to grow as well; the folks who hired him often paid him with a percentage of what he caught.

And the name Lazy 5? When Henry opened up to the public in 1993 there were five in the family : Henry, his wife and their three children. And when asked about his line of work Henry always joked, "I'm too lazy to work and to scared to steal." Another child was born in 1993, but changing the name to the Lazy 6 "is just too much trouble," Henry says.

Goats will eat right out of your hand at The Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NCGoats will eat right out of your hand. Tropical birds, like these parrots, fly free at the Ranch. Oh give me a home…. Here a buffalo is at home with over 400 other animals. Graceful deer find a safe home here. A pair of water buffalo always enjoying a cool dip. Zebra is just days from delivering her colt. Watusi cow showing its impressive horns.

Henry may joke, there is nothing lazy about the Hamptons. The Lazy 5 is open 365 days a year from morning to sundown.

The family is well known around the country among the zoological parks and petting farms. Henry supplies animals to zoos all over the country. He also handles animal problems such as? for a variety of clients, and has even supplied animals for the Disney "Animal Kingdom" in Orlando.

Henry once had to get an elephant through customs at JFK in New York, but when asked why there are no elephants there are the Lazy 5, he says, "They are just too smart - it isn't a matter of if something is going to happen with them, but when. Elephants have a mind of their own and they have too many tools to do things with."

Tropical birds, like these parrots, fly free at The Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NCThe Hamptons have another ranch in Ohio, where they do raise and keep tigers, bears and more aggressive animals but it is not open to the public.

Ranch Rules

1. Please stay inside your car. Only the animals are allowed to walk around.
2. You are not allowed to feed your children to the animals, no matter how bad they are behaving.
3. Don't run over the animals with your car, and they will try not to run over you.
4. Don't honk your horn or turn on your lights unless you need help because it gives the animals heartburn.
5. The speed limit is 5 mph.
6. When you stop to take photos from your car, pull over to the side. This will allow other cars to drive around. It will also give the animals time to fluff their hair.
7. Use the buckets for feeding the animals- we want you to leave the ranch with all your fingers.
8. Please don't litter…it's gross behavior and offensive to the sensitivity of our animals.
9. So you get animal slobber all over your car… they're just trying to be friendly. You can wash it off later.
10. The Lazy 5 is open every day of the year, including Christmas. Christmas is a special time here. Santa's reindeer vacation here before and after their midnight flight.

Way to go:

The Lazy 5 is on Highway 150 between Mooresville and Salisbury about an hour's drive from Charlotte. They're open 9 until 1 hour before sunset Monday through Saturday and 1 until 1 hour before sunset on Sunday. For directions, rates and other information, call 704-663-5100.

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