Charleston Forge Outlet

Charleston Forge Outlet

Susan and I started their business careers fresh out of college by opening a small retail fireplace shop in 1974 here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


This picturesque community sits atop the highest mountains east of the Mississippi River, so cool summer breezes and cold snowy winters have attracted new home builders without a slowdown for more than seventy-five years a perfect setting for a fireplace shop.

They sold high-quality products and learned very early that there are people who truly recognize and appreciate the finer things in life. They offered delivery and installation service that the discount cash and carry stores couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

They learned to custom build handmade wrought iron fire screens, wood baskets, log racks and pot racks out of the tools that their maker gave us iron, fire, wood and passion. Very quickly they had a growing, thriving business on their hands.

Word of their unique offerings spread throughout this land of mountain people, people who take pride in their work and deserve to be called artisans. They surrounded theirselves with these people and they helped them create more products.

In 1982 they started making furniture using the same natural elements of iron and wood, but added accents of brass, copper and glass& and the word continued to spread. Today, Susan and I and their daughter, Jamie, and son, Brandon, who have both grown up in and now into their business, take great pride in the fact that their products, designed by, made by, sold by and serviced by more than 200 wonderful North Carolina mountain people are shipped throughout the world.

Their products are offered to you through a network of highly qualified furniture stores, interior designers and sales agents. All of them at Charleston Forge truly appreciate your interest and they hope you will use their dealer locator page to contact their dealer nearest to you.

Charleston Forge Outlet
251 Industrial Park Drive
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: 828.264.0100

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