Candle Corp of America

Give your home that wonderful glow from candles. We offer a huge variety of candles in all shapes, sizes and scents. By the bag or singles our prices are incredible. Over 16,000 sq. feet of candles - with savings of 50%-75% EVERYDAY.


Manufactures candles; wholesales candles Sewing and stitchery and weaving equipment and accessories, Candlemaking, Candlemaking wicks, Candlemaking forms, Candlemaking accessories, Wood crafts, Basketry making supplies, Stained glass making supplies, Paper crafts and hand made papermaking, Mosaics, Enameling paints and accessories, Maskmaking.

Candle Corp of America
1000 Candle Wycke Ln
Elkin, NC
Phone: 336-527-1155, 336-526-2827
Fax: 336-527-3222

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