Boone - Center Of The High Country

Boone - Center Of The High Country

Boone offers everything for residents and visitors in the High Country. The town can claim the finest in tourist necessities such as shopping, dining and lodging. From health care to financial services, specialty shops to major chains, Boone offers a comprehensive range of goods and services. are available. Need an import car mechanic, 24-hour grocery or late night eatery? If you havent't visited for awhile, we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised just what you can find.Boone - Center Of The High Country


Boone was once a typical small town until Appalachian State University (better known locally as "App" or ASU") began to grow in the 1960s. Now this booming and acclaimed acadenic institution adds a zest and enthusiasm to life here.

The downtown is known as the Municipal Service District, part of the national Main Street Program where merchants and residents fund renovations and restorations which attract more business while keeping the small -twon atmosphere. Visitors will find an intriguing blend of restaurants, shops and boutiques side-by-side with legal offices and residences. You'll find the Jones House here, a center of cultural life in the community. This lovely Queen Anne-style house dates back to 1910. Once the home of a prominent local doctor, the Jones House now is home to an art gallery and hosts many local events.

The university borders the downtown. Here you'll find Belk Library, a major research facility. Farthing Auditorium and Broyhill Music Center are the scenes of great performances during An Appalachian Summer, the yearly festival of the arts.

The old Methodist Church on King Street is well on its way to being converted to a university and public art gallery, due to open next year.

Boone - Center Of The High CountryBoone is such a popular destination there are times it is congested. Traffic can get heavy, especially around the traditional rush hour of 5 to 6 p.m. You do have another option: park your car and ride AppalCART, our mass transit system. Summer routes cover the downtown, university and U.S. 321 (Blowing Rock Road).

Boone's history began around 1800, when Jordan Councill opened a store on what is now King Street. Then, it was just a rough dirt wagon road. In 1820, Councill got the right to open a post office (appropriately called Councill's Store) and some people began to build homes and other stores nearby.

In 1849, when Watauga County was created, Boone was picked as the county seat when the town was little more than a crossroads.

Little remains to remind people of those distant days. The simple homes and shacks that once lined King Street have given way to attractive buildings that preserve the charm of the ‘teens and twenties. All that is in contrast to the modern city that has grown up around this center. With so much to enjoy, Boone is a magnet we think will draw you back again and again.

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Boone Area Chamber of Commerce
208 Howard Street
Boone, North Carolina 28607
Phone: (828) 264-2225
Fax: (828) 264-6644

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