Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University

With over 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students, Appalachian State University is the largest educational institution in northwestern North Carolina.


Founded by the Dougherty brothers as the Watauga Academy in 1899, its original mission was to train teachers for the mountains. That role continues today, except teachers-to-be come from across the state and work in many settings. In addition, the College of Education is only one part of the Appalachian story.

In addition to the vast economic and social impact of the university's students, ASU adds a great deal to the community. There are dozens of cultural and sports events, Belk Library (which is open to the public), the Appalachian Collection (the best collection of regional materials in the area) and the Appalachian Cultural Museum (a starting point for understanding the region's history and culture).

The latest addition to the campus is the Convocation Center, scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2000. This large basketball arena, which will seat 10,000, is expected to attract many different cultural events to Boone.

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Here are some key phone numbers (all are 828 area code):

  • Main Switchboard (this is the number to remember, as the operators there will direct to any department, faculty or staff member).....262-2000
  • Student Locator Service.....262-3030
  • Admissions.....262-2120
  • The Appalachian (campus newspaper).....262-6149
  • Appalachian Collection.....262-4041
  • Appalachian Cultural Museum .....262-3117
  • An Appalachian Summer (ASU's annual seasonal festival of the arts).....262-6084
  • Belk Library.....262-2186
  • Broyhill Inn and Conference Center.....262-2204
  • Chancellor.....262-2040
  • Farthing Auditorium.....262-4046
  • Music Library.....262-2388
  • Police.....262-2150
  • Valborg Theatre Box Office.....262-3063

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