12 things to Do, See, and Experience in Durham

12 things to Do, See, and Experience in Durham

Dirty, boring, and dangerous. Those were the words that formerly defined downtown Durham (and 20 years ago, those words weren't too far off-base). But a funny thing happened over the past decade or so. The abandoned factories that once blemished the landscape transformed into dazzling shops, restaurants, and condos. A slew of imaginative chefs brought new ideas and fresh flavors to town. Stunning new structures such as the Durham Performing Arts Center rose up, installing a sense of glitz in the town's smoky image. Before long, Durham became a place you wanted to be; not avoid. The town's amazing comeback hit the national spotlight recently when The New York Times named Durham one of the top places to visit in 2011, ranking it 35 out of 41 places worldwide.


So what makes Durham special? And what's there to do when you get there? We made the 80 mile drive east to find out. The following highlights 12 things to do, see, and experience in the Bull City a place, as its slogan aptly slates, "Where great things happen.

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  • See Adaptive Reuse In Action In Downtown Durham
    As The New York Times recently noted, downtown Durham was a place best avoided after sundown. But as revitalization has transformed abandoned tobacco factories and former textile nulls into bustling
  • See a Show at The Durham Performing Arts Center
    Opened in 2008, the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) stands proudly as the largest performing arts center in the Carolin's. With its shimmering, see-through exterior and 2,800-seat concert hall,
  • Experience Legendary Baseball at a Durham Bulls Game
    Simply put, the Durham Bulls are the worlds most famous minor league baseball team (well, that's what totals will tell you at least). While the 1988 sports classic Bull Durham put the team on the map
  • Relive the Past at Durham's Three State Historic Sites
    The great thing about Durham's three historic sites aside from the fact they're all within minutes of each other is die linear plot line that unites them. All three are linked by the Civil War,
  • Raise Your Glass at Full Steam Brewery
    Handcrafted beer, fresh local ingredients and a distinct Southern flair these are what you’ll get a Full steam, an inventive tavern/brewery in the Central Park district. The wide-open tavern might
  • Get Some Fresh Air at Eno River State Park
    While it’s a 10 minute drive from downtown Durham to the Eno River State Park, the two liter airy seem worlds away. Park visitors can hike along 24 miles of trails that pass through rugged woodlands
  • Explore Durham's Wild Side at The Museum of Life and Science
    This interactive science center ranks as one of the most family-friendly museums in the Southeast Highlights include a dinosaur nail, butterfly house, animal park, insectarium and dozens of hands-on