Dreamsports Center

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Dreamsports Center

Dreamsports Center is committed to offering a variety of quality-run sports programs for all ages. We believe that everyone-both adults and children-benefits from the sports environment that exists in all of the programs we offer at the facility.


Dreamsports is indeed a place where everyone gets to play. Good sportsmanship comes before winning, and the family-friendly, safe and clean environment of our facility provides all of our customers, young and old, a place to form and maintain friendships with people that hold similar values.

Dreamsports is a 56,000 square foot fully air-conditioned facility with two multi-sport playing surfaces measuring 180' x 80' and one indoor artificial turf field measuring 140' x 80'. We have an 16 game arcade room for both young and old, and a snack bar with drinks, candy, and snacks. Our pro-shop provides the basic equipment for the sports we offer. All of our playing surfaces have glass surrounds and are netted to provide safe viewing for spectators. Our facility is open from 8 am until the last goal is scored, usually around 10:30 - 11:00 pm.

1016 Investment Blvd
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