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Years in Business: 5½ years


Proprietress: Deborah Miller, Margaret Varn has worked at Deborah's Gracious Gifts for many years and is absolutely invaluable to the operation of the store. She heads up the merchandising of the store and is continually using her creativity and talent in this area to create a shopping atmosphere that is fun and friendly.

Location: 2440 North Center Street in the Viewmont area of Hickory.

Deborah Miller & Margaret Varn talked about their business:

How did I choose this line of work: Business ownership has been a lifetime goal of mine. I have always enjoyed shopping and browsing the local boutiques when visiting other cities. The one-on-one contact with the owners and the unique merchandise displayed in interesting ways makes shopping in The one-on-one contact with the owners and the unique merchandise displayed in interesting ways makes shopping in them so exciting. I knew many years ago when the time came for me to exercise my entrepreneurial spirit, 1 would own a local boutique!

More about Us: We strive to make everyone's visit both enjoyable and memorable. Shoppers never know what they will find from one visit to the next. The merchandise and presentation constantly change, but the commitment by my staff and I to delight the customers never changes. We have taken bold steps to create a true destination store.

We host many special events throughout the year including Girls Night Out, Men's Shopping Nights, Fundraisers, and Trunk Shows. These events are always well attended and fun for our customers. Deborah's Gracious Gifts donates to many of the schools, local non-profits and causes throughout the Catawba County area. We are not just a business. We are part of the community.

What has been the best day of your business life? One of the best days of my business life was the day we moved into our new location in Viewmont. We more than doubled our selling floor which has allowed us to stock an array of new merchandise. The store is bright and open and easy to shop. Margaret and 1 have so much fun finding nooks and crannies to display all of the new items that come in almost daily! Customers appreciate the easy access to our store and the great parking. We have fabulous display windows. Our customers have commented they were so intrigued by what they saw in the windows they had to come in and see more!

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 10:00 to 6:00 Saturday 10:00 to 5:00, closed on Sunday

Deborah's Gracious Gifts
2440 North Center Street
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