Mich's Foreign Cars

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Years in business: Since July 1, 1983/31 years


Owner: John & Becky Mich., Vance Harden, Chris Mich

Owner of Mich's Foreign Cars talks about his business
Everyone here, with the exception of Becky, started playing with cars at an early age. Growing up it was always a hobby and naturally it turned into a obsession and an occupation. This is what we do because this is what we have always done! We love cars, we love meeting new people and we love making deals.

Future plan: Continue to meet and exceed our customer's expectations! We are going to continue expanding our selection as well as the services we have available (or customers- We are very excited about being selected again this year and we look forward to many more great years of business! Of course we are striving to continue being the best for our customers.

The best day in his business life: It's really hard to pick the best day. There are so many times when someone surprises their spouse with a beautiful car, parents buying their child their first car or even a struggling family needing a good transportation. It’s hard to decide which would be the best day because we enjoy every one of these occasions; we love sharing this excitement with our customers!

Mich's Foreign Cars
1331 Hwy 70 SE
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