Drum & Willis-Reynolds Funeral Homes & Crematory

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Drum & Willis-Reynolds Funeral Homes & Crematory

Drum & Willis-Reynolds, Funeral Homes & Crematory....serving Hickory, Newton & Conover for last 85 years.


Owners / Managers / Employees: Stuart Terry,
Greg Terry, Duane Alexander, Matt Payne, Johnny Saunders. Patti Merritt. Cathy Gilbert, Katie Payne and Loretta Kuhn.

Greg Terry Talks About How did he choose this line of work: I began helping my father while I was home from college and enjoyed helping families that we served and working alongside my father and getting involved in the community. After graduating, I returned to work and have been a part of our family business for over 22 years.

Best advice given to Greg Terry: Treat others as you like to be treated and to be honest and fair. My parents and grandparents all lived by this idea.

The best part of business: When families look you in the eye and tell you Thanks for all you have done for them. When we do our job right, we develop a friendship with that family that will last forever being recognized and known as a funeral director in a small community is a nice feeling.

What is next...: Funeral and cremation customs and services are changing in various ways. It is interesting to work with families and help them personalize and create a memorial service that will be special and something they will remember forever. There is no longer a "cookie-cutter" type of service. Each service is different and tailored to meet the needs of that particular family. Affordability is also something funeral homes will need to address. We feel it is important to have ways to work with families and meet their service desires within a budget that they can afford.

Location & Contact:

Drum Funeral Home - Conover
509 1st Ave. S.
Conover NC 28613-2705
Telephone: 828-464-3031
Email: i...@drumfuneralhome.com

Willis-Reynolds Funeral Home - Newton
56 Northwest Blvd.
Newton NC 28658-3900
Telephone: 828-464-0131
Email: i...@drumfuneralhome.com

Drum Funeral Home - Hickory

940 29th Ave. N.E.
Hickory NC 28601
Telephone: 828-267-5740
Email: i...@drumfuneralhome.com

Drum & Willis-Reynolds Funeral Homes & Crematory
940 29Th Ave NE
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