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Dr. Herb Says... "The outside may tell you the inside"


Looking on the outside may tell you what is happening on the inside. For instance, your skin color can tell you many things about the inside of your body. Dark spots on the lace, neck, hand and arms can indicate that the liver and pancreas are not working correctly. Yellow skin can mean a sick, toxic liver. A white pale skin may indicate a sluggish spleen and anemia. An ashy, pasty skin could mean caner. White spots on the skin can be a B vitamin deficiency, while dark areas on the skin can mean a Vitamin C deficiency.

Along with color, the & shape of your skin can tell you about your insides. Whistle lines around the mouth can be a B vitamin deficiency. Vertical lines between the eye brows can mean a below normal liver function, and malabsorbing intestine. If the vertical lines appear in the earlobe, it may spell out heart trouble. Wrinkles on the forehead indicate too much stress, and low adrenal glands. Oily forehead means too much protein eating.

Your eyes could also let you know of things on the inside. Dark circles under the eyes may indicate digestive problems. Puffy eyes could mean a kidney problem. Squinting eyes could be a Vitamin A deficiency. Weak eyes can come from eating too much salt. Eye (loafers can come from eating too much protein, and a B-6 deficieny.

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Natural Food Store
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