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When you can't breathe easy in your own home. Its time to Klean Construction


Indoor air pollution caused by mold, mildew and dirty air ducts is a health hazard! We specialize in mold removal, crawl space remediation and air duct cleaning

''Since we had our crawl space cleaned, the musty smells have subsided. We were very happy with the service Klean Construction provided."

Specializing in air duct cleaning, crawlspace remediation and mold removal…

Do you suffer from frequent headaches or allergy symptoms? Hare a chronic cold, or just feel tired all die time?

If you've been to the doctor but can't pinpoint exactly what's wrong, you may want to consider what's going on inside your house - or more specifically, inside your air ducts.

In tie 16 years he's been in business David Koch, owner of Klean Construction, has seen a lot of people's cold and allergy symptoms subside or even disappear after having their air ducts cleaned.

"Most people don't realize how dirty their air ducts are and what a negative impact t/i/s has on their health" says David.

He cites ail 80 year old client as an example. She was suffering from all kinds of respiratory issues that her doctor could do nothing about. "She had never had her air ducts cleaned," he says. "Once everything was cleaned, her symptoms disappeared. She's so happy with the results that she sends me thank you notes and constantly refers me to her friends and family."

Results like these have made Klean Construction a go-to company for air duct cleaning, crawls pace remediation and mold removal. The company's success can also be traced to David's personal commitment to top-notch service and standing by his promises, "We do what we say we're going to do" says David, "When we leave, you know that your systems are clean."

Because you can't see what's inside your air ducts and you seldom go into your erawlspace, you may nor have given any thought to having these systems cleaned. So, how do you know when to have it done?

According to Dave, if you "don't feel well, have allergies, sinus problems or if you're spending a lot of money on allergy medicine, "there's a good chance your air ducts could use a good cleaning.

A prevalent musty odor or excessive dust throughout the house are also signs that a cleaning is due."

But being proactive by having your air ducts cleaned every two to three years is ideal, says Dave. "If you really want to keep the dirt cut, you need to do it on a regular basis.’’

The air duct cleaning process is relatively quick and hassle-free and Dave estimates that it only takes about two hours to complete in the average-size home. During die cleaning, he inspects and removes the ewers on all vents and returns, then uses a 36-foot hose with an attached brush to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt.

Depending upon the situation, Dave might suggest adding an anti-bacterial treatment or mildecide if there's evidence of mold or mildew. At die mention of mold, though, a lot of people panic because they've heard the horror stories and fear the worst, Dave says he's not interested in scaring people and points out that most molds can be taken care of by cleaning and removing die source of moisture.

"It's not uncommon to see mold in crawl spaces on joists, duct work, pipes and insulation, ``says Dave, "We remove it, do chemical treatments and replace the wood and insulation if necessary. We also add a vapor barrier with a 100 percent coverage and glue it directly to the walls. Our goal is to create an environment where mold cannot survive."'

When his work has been completed, Dave takes satisfaction in knowing that he has helped to make someone's life a little better by providing a healthier, cleaner environment.

Dave and his wife, Tammy, have been married two years and live in Trinity. He has two daughters, Casey, 21, and Brittany, IS, and a 15-month-old grandson, Sawyer. An avid animal lover, Dave is also the caretaker for two dogs and a blue-and-gold macaw.

When not working, Dave enjoys spending "all of his time with his beautiful wife." You'll usually find them either on the water or in the mountains.

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